Here at Branding By G I like to keep things simple, but in order for me to create a logo or design that is unique-to-you in all the ways you want it to be I have to have a thorough brief so that I know your needs, preferences and requirements exactly.

How you get this to me is up to you. We can meet in person, speak by phone or you can email me your requirements. However you get the information to me, these are the things I will need to know:

  • Your company/project name
  • Any tag line or additional text
  • A summary of what you do and what makes your company or project unique
  • Your target audience
  • Any design ideas you already have or need to reference
  • The style of logo/graphics you would like – with examples of existing imagery that appeal to you (google image searches or the portfolio pages of logo design competition sites such as Logo Tournament might be useful here)
  • Any colour preferences you have (here is an excellent resource for information about colour use in branding)
  • The kinds of fonts you like (Dafont is one of many excellent online font libraries that might help to give you some ideas)
  • Additional information such as the name/address/email/phone numbers to go on business cards and stationery if you are ordering these items

Once I have received this information if we haven’t met or spoken in person I will check it over and come back to you if there is anything else I feel I need to know before I start. Once I accept your brief I will invoice you and begin work and I will usually have two sample designs for you within 7-10 days, though it is often less than 3. You can then give me feedback on these designs and I will make the modifications you require. There is then the option of one more additional round of modifications if it is required. Once the final design has been agreed and payment has cleared I will send you the various image files and order any items for print, if required.