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This is a discounted logo design package here at Branding By G which is specifically for people who know precisely what they want in their logo design. It is a pared down service so if you already have a strong design idea that you just need working up you don’t need to pay for the additional time and creative energy that goes into those projects that have a more open-ended brief. As a result this package is ideal for those that just need to update or redraw existing logos as well.

Once you have sent me a full brief (learn more about how to do that here) I will personally design just two logos for you to consider. We can then tweak your favourite – or even combine the two – to create your final logo. You will receive your logo electronically in the file format you prefer at both print and screen resolutions.

As you can imagine, to be able to reach the perfect design in just two samples you need to be able to give a very detailed brief. If you don’t feel able to do that then the Branding Blitz might be a more appropriate option for you, and it might get you more for your money.

  • Cost: £75
  • Turnaround: Usually within 7-10 working days though often much less. If it is likely to be more you will be advised before you place your order.
  • Delivery: by email in jpg and pdf format. Other file formats can be provided upon request.
  • Price includes two sample designs and up to three rounds of modifications only. Additional designs or modifications will incur an additional charge.

Example logo design project:

Bryony contacted me to ask if I could help her with a new logo for her photography business. When I asked her what she wanted she told me that she wanted to have an icon of a robin in her logo that she could also use as a watermark on photographs. She wanted it to be simple but not too cartoon-like. The logo needed to have a white background so that it would go well on her website and after looking through some fonts she wanted to use ‘Sweet Home Oklahoma’ which we then bought the licence for. She wanted to use the colours pink and teal or lilac and teal and wanted something contemporary and clean. Armed with this I worked up the following two designs:

Bryony's first draft

Bryony liked the overall feel of both designs but preferred the square shape of the second one and the fact that it had blossom/leaves on the branches. She wasn’t sure that the image of the robin was quite right so asked if I could make it simpler and more rounded. She also wanted to try the text in two different colours and wasn’t exactly sure that these were the right ones.

From this I worked up a new version of the second logo with a simplified robin and presented it to her in a few different colour options. This was what I sent to her next:

Bryony samples two

Having seen these Bryony surprised herself by being more drawn to the brown and red version. In the end, this is the one that she chose to go for and I also provided her with the robin as a stand-alone icon for her to use on her photographs.

Bryony final logo

Would you like to see how this design was developed into a business card? You can do exactly that here.